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Please purchase or inquire through WhatsApp or Cuanto.

For more info regarding size and pricing, please click here.  The pieces are stretched and have a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging.  Some are ready to go, some will be ready within the coming days.

Click on the photos to enlarge and see details.

Colloquially, we use the word "monte" in a derogatory way to describe an area with a disorderly growth of plants; it is not a primary forest, much less a "well-groomed" garden, it is something more improvised, humid, full of mosquitoes, with cecropia and snakes and sloths and toucans and tall grass that cuts your skin if you're not wearing long pants… it is something that grows over the Inter-American Highway and disconnects us in the Darien, it is jungle, but without the romanticism or magical realism.
I have always been passionate about the art of portraiture and the human figure, but I also grew up adjacent to the monte, and surrounded by monte paintings by

Nacho Esplá, and when recently a friend asked me to portray a "memory of her life in Panama" something awoke in me and I have been exploring it.  This year for Christmas I am premiering a series of super-small-format paintings that will be called “Monte Minis”.  The idea is to share the art and celebrate a part of the local reality.

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