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Hi!  Here is my current price scale for mini paintings on canvas.  For more regular sizes, please click here.

The sizes listed are only standard sizes used as examples.  In this case I am using inches because it is more convenient.  Canvas can be cut to any size or shape.

Mini Painting Price Scale

7x7 - $147

6x6 - $108

5x7 - $105

5x5 - $75

4x4 - $48

3x3 - $27

The prices listed are at $3.00 per square inch.  Again, these sizes are just examples to not make you do the math.  But you can if you want to, lol.

There are currently some mini landscapes available here.  For information regarding commissions, scroll down.

Below, I'm including a visual that helps some people imagine the real size of the artwork before framing:

For mini painting commissions, I am only offering landscapes, or dramatic crops, as I am not a miniature portrait painter.  See examples below of dramatic crops:

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