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The coloring book was initially conceived in Cali, Colombia, between 2017 and 2018, based on meditative drawing exercises; the same ones that prompted my Instagram account @gabi.loraine.sketch, which eventually led me back to my passion for portraits.

While working on the hypnotizing abstract drawings, I realized how much I enjoyed coloring them in and suspected other people might, too.  I know how calming and therapeutic it is for so many of us.

I wanted to create a different and innovating coloring book because I wanted people to enjoy coloring in drawings that actually look like art made by a person (a friend?) and not the stiff computer drawings we usually see.

So notice, while my coloring book is full of geometric shapes, it is not appropriate for anyone who is a stickler for perfection, as it is also full of human trembles and corners that don't quite meet up.  To me, that's the charm of it.

Why is this page in English?  Yo no sé.  Don't worry, there is no text in the book. 


See here.

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Is Gabi's Coloring Book for adults or children?

My short answer is... 6-99. 

In more words, the book is for everyone, but very small children would probably not appreciate it so much.  Mainly because of some tight spaces to get into, and some drawings are busier than others.  But everyone is different, and it just depends on the talents and interests of the individual.

The book has no instructions and I could easily imagine a child turning the drawings into something completely different and unexpected not only with use of color, they could also change the drawings to become figures they invent themselves, by adding faces or limbs... anything is possible.

The book has no instructions?

The book does not, but see the tips page here.

But I live abroad?

We can certainly ship to other countries but times and rates will vary, please contact us either way to see what we can work out!

We take international credit card payments using Cuanto or Paypal.

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