The coloring book was initially conceived in Cali, Colombia, between 2017 and 2018, based on meditative drawing exercises, the same ones that prompted my Instagram account @gabi.loraine.sketch which eventually led me back to my passion for portraits.

While working on the hypnotizing abstract drawings, I realized how much I enjoyed coloring them in and suspected other people might, too.  I know how calming and therapeutic it is for so many of us.

I wanted to create a different and new coloring book because I wanted other people to enjoy coloring in drawings that actually look like art made by a person (a friend?) and not the rigid computer drawings we usually see.

Notice, my coloring book is full of geometric shapes, but it is not appropriate for anyone who is a stickler for perfection, as it is also full of human trembles and corners that don't quite meet up.  To me, that's the charm of it.


Purchase using Cuanto (soon), or contact me through email or WhatsApp.   ​


Please check back here for ideas on how to play with color and other inspiration ideas for #GabisColoringBook

Tag it on Instagram and I'd love to feature your examples here!

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