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Monte en el Desierto, acrylic on canvas, 13"x13", 2021


Secretly painted as a gift from my mom to my brother!  It's a sloth scratching his bum.  The image was taken by my cousin here in Panama, the painting is named this way because of where the painting was going.

By the time I started this painting, a kind of formula was starting to develop for these jungle paintings, where I kind of began in the same way with a pink underpainting, positioning the tree branches in purple, then filling a light blue (almost white) sky, and then going for leaves a color at a time... This painting still feels very unique and different from the rest because of the color pallet.  The greens are duller overall, and the sky is much darker.  The greens are duller because the species of the main tree is kind of like that, the leaves are grayish.  Obviously, I'm not faithful to color.  What I do is I take most of what I like, and then replace some colors per my creative "interpretation" of value (shadow, light) and temperature...

Painted from a video by Nelly Lachman.

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