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Rock and Roll Wedding, mixed media* on paper, 12"5/16x12"5/16, 2021


My first piece using *gouache, coloring pencils, acrylics, and mica flakes.

Technically this is both a drawing and a painting on paper, but there is so much paint on it that I'm leaving it in this section.

Gouache is such an interesting new medium for me, you can draw on it, you can paint over it, and you can also use it to paint over acrylics... incredible.  Gouache is like a very opaque watercolor.

This was a very exciting new graphic-designy experiment for me.

This couple had the most rock and roll wedding ever, and the client wanted to give them an equally thoughtful rock and roll gift.

We had a meeting during which she sent me a Klimt piece from which she wanted me to inspire the color pallet, and a series of rock and roll logos and symbols.

We have...

The Ramones logo symbols

decorative and functional parts of the Yellow Submarine

Pink Floyd prism

Led Zeppelin Icarus

Ciudad Lagartija logo from the local rock band Instinto

Guns and Roses deconstructed logo

The Who logo

and, yes, little Darth Maul eyes, because why the hell not.

I did some creative things, such as create a golden halo around them, alluding to both Klimt, and the Guns and Roses logo.  I gave her a mica flake earring, and ring.  The ring wasn't in the original photo but I added it in because it was for their wedding.  (You can appreciate these shiny details in the FLASHING GIF BELOW)

I also made one of the lizards golden, and the other one iridescent peach/blue.

The Led Zeppelin Icarus was mirrored in the interest of the composition, and also painted in that color for compositional purposes, and also simplified to reduce contrast.

I'm also including photos of the sketch below because I actually never sketch, so the sketch in itself is a whole thing.

About the weird sizing for this piece:  it's the size of an LP cover, of course.

The portrait is painted from a photograph provided by the collector.

Tap or click to enlarge the images below.

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