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Wedding portrait local doctors, acrylic on canvas, 25x20in, 2020

Casco Viejo​

A pretty large painting considering how zoomed in it is to the two faces, there are almost no clothes or background.  Again, this painting has a dusty pink underground which does not quite reach the limits of the composition, and exposes some parts with the bare canvas showing; for the most part it is unnoticeable except for the way it shows up under the thickly applied pallet-knife yellow background.

Purple clothes as per usual, to imply that they are actually dressed in black.  No black was used in this painting (I almost never use it for this series), and also something different about this painting is the use of clean white, which in this case is actually zinc mixing white on top of a very very pale mint color.  To allude to the fact that this is a wedding portrait, the groom has "black" glasses—purple of course, and the bride is in white glasses.  In the original photograph he has black glasses and hers are a dark tortoise shell pattern.

This painting's color scheme was inspired by the Sisters in the Bathtub painting, but of course there are many differences, like almost no aqua on the faces this time. 

Painted from a photograph provided by the collectors.

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