I teach private art lessons for upper-elementary-aged children and adults.  Depending on the situation, I have the possibility to teach in Bethania in a private art studio, at my apartment in San Francisco, or I can come to you.

I offer the following classes:

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - my favorite - a drawing class for adults, absolutely no background necessary, the class typically lasts about 2 hours.  Materials are $26 only once. 

The class is based on Betty Edward's book by the same name and each lesson has a continuity and builds up on the previous one, currently there are a couple of students waiting to continue/finish the class in a group but they are quite advanced, so I need a group of at least 4 to start again and catch everybody up.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Free - this is for the students who are waiting to continue but would still like to practice together...

Portraiture - for advanced students who would like to really refine their skills, any medium at all (drawing, painting, embroidery...). 

Drawing for children - for ambitious kids who would like to draw realistically.  Ages 10-14.  No cartoons or imagination in this challenging class.

Children's workshop - just for fun, we will be working on different projects.

Embroidery - for children aged 9-99, this class is for learning to embroider and gossip, I can teach a variety of stitches.  (I am joking about the gossip)

Knitting - for children aged 11-99, for knitting with two knitting needles, not crochet.  I am an advanced knitter and can teach a variety of stitches and how to follow patterns to create clothing, for example. 

Photography - a class for beginners, students must bring their own cameras.  I can teach how to use SRL cameras and how to "develop" digital photos using Photoshop.

My current rate is $40 per hour individually, or $15 per hour in a group.  It applies for all classes.

See my current timetable below to see my availability and what could work for you. 

Preferably contact me through WhatsApp at +507 6612 6995